Ostrich feather

The ideal product of ostriches is feather whose quality is quite unique. Even the most advanced technologies would not be able to imitate its beauty, subtlety, and its natural undulating. Moreover, neither tools are suitable as dusters as ostrich feathers as ostrich feathers generate static electricity.  Supreme feathers are extensively being used to manufacture hats, clothing, and other accessories. Other type of feathers are generally manipulated in cleaning and dusting of delicate machinery and equipment. Feathers cutting and trimming would be done every eight months. However, the quality of trimmed feathers are to be diminished after four or five years. 24 quills are to be achieved from per adult male ostrich. Total weight of feathers of a 10-14 month- ostrich is about 45kg and the size is 10-150 cm.  When ostrich feathers are separated, feather follicles on the skin, are remain intact. Therefore, after tanning process, the follicles make leather more astonishing.

  • Feathers of ostrich is free from static electricity, so this product are become so popular in factories which are equipped to electronic and computer systems.

  • Over and above that, this popular product is used as special dusters of delicate machinery, such as, cameras, microscope, computer systems, decoratives , and accessories and household cleaners as well.

  • These feathers are even used in religious ceremonies and rituals to decorate “ALAM” which is a symbolic sign of truth and bravery.