The origin of ostriches are originally from Africa. In the late 1800 and most recently in the 1900s, this bird was taken to Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia, and America. In fact the remarkably popular ostrich product was its feathers… Show More


Ostriches are considered omnivorous creatures and they are resistant as well. These birds are fed on a low cost diet and even agricultural wastes… Show More


Ostrich, a red meat, is low in cholesterol and calorie compared to chicken and meat. According to United State Department of Agriculture, a three ounce serving of ostrich meat contains 58 mg cholesterol and 2% fat, and only 114 calorie. Compare … Show More


In nature, the eggs are incubated by the females by day and by the males by night.Healthy ostriches, which drink relatively large volumes of water, produce a highly Urine.Ostrich is only able to urinate standing…  Show More

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Ostrich is the one bird whose sex is easily determined visually. Once ostriches reach sexual maturity, it is easy to tell males from females. Full distinction between the sexes is reached at age of two. Body size and color …  Show More


Starting an ostrich farm is an adventurous step for anybody. To set up the ostrich farm, land, labor, water, licenses, and cash flow are mainly needed. Hopefully with a little thought we can examine some aspects  …  Show More


Ostrich is a large flightless bird native to Africa which is in the ratite family. Ostrich is the only and largest living members and lays the largest eggs of any living bird. Extinct elephant birds of Madagascar and the giant Moa of New Zealand laid larger eggs. It is distinctive …  Show More