Ostrich meat

Due to its food properties, dietary properties, suitability, and chemical compounds, Ostrich red meat is basically recommended to pregnant women, people with heart disease, professional athletes, and those overweight individuals who are on special diets to lose weight.

Some other properties of ostrich meat are as follows:

Being rich in omega3 and fatty acids as well, and being suitable for the treatment of arteriosclerosis, depression, stress, insomnia, and fatigue.

In addition to being low in cholesterol, fat, calorie, and sodium, this red meat is suitable for those people who suffer from high blood pressure or heart disease which is another advantages of this product.

Cooking ostrich meat and food preparation using ostrich meat are both convenient and fast. The taste is delicious and unique as well.

Ostrich red meat, is considered nourishing for various diets owing to its high nutritional value. It is also rich in nutrients, high in protein and iron, low in calorie, sodium, and fat. In terms of conventional medicine, ostrich meat is hot and dry.

Ostrich meat and its health benefits

1- Stop farting / fart relief

2- Remove phlegm from heart , brain, and joints

Ostrich meat is suitable for those ones who suffer from joint disorders.

3- Ostrich red meat is a best choice for paralytic disease (paralysis), frailty, par aesthesia, joints pains, sciatica, gout, edema, and cold uterus and infertility disease.

4- People who suffer from insatiability (excessive food cravings) are better to use ostrich meat. Since this product of meat is fatty, warm, and energetic as well.

5- Consumption of this meat is highly recommended to people who suffer from obesity and heart disease.

6- Being low in fat due to the low amount of water existed in meat tissue. As a result the fat amount would be increased which reduces the humidity during cooking.

7- At first, the ostrich meat was approximately recognized as non-cholesterol meat, however, based on the research which was carried out later, it was found out that the cholesterol level in this product is equivalent to beef and poultry that is 57 mg/100g. This meat contains more essential fatty acids in comparison to beef and poultry’s.

8- Ostrich meat is generally known as a rich source of iron. In comparison to other available products, like beef and poultry meat, this product is high in iron. This product is considered as a significant source of iron for anemic patients and pregnant women. Additionally, ostrich meat is useful for both metabolic and cellular activities.

9- This kind of red meat is a rich source of vitamins B, vitamin B6 and B12, in particular. The available amount of vitamin B6 in ostrich meat is 10 times more than beef or poultry meat.

10- Another important factor found in ostrich meat is vitamin E which is one of the most natural antioxidants which are beneficial to body.

11- Ostrich red meat is naturally resistant to harmful bacteria such as e.coli and salmonellia. As a matter of fact, a certain PH in ostrich meat prevents harmful bacteria contaminating food products.in order to achieve this PH, ostrich manufacturers have to reduce the animal stress during transport and slaughtering.

12- Ostrich meat was not commonly used in the past, due to the high price of meat and the lack of the product.



1- Ostrich meat is thick and indigestible, as a result people who suffer from weak digestion should consume small quantities.

2- This product is not suggested to people who have warm-temperament.